A Day Late and a Focus Short

From our new living room, the day-past-super-full moon between 40 and 60 Wall Street.

That’s the new 4 WTC on the left, my office is the right building with the yellow-tinted lighting mid-range, and 90 West Street on the right.

Assuming the iPrecious 5 has a better camera when it comes out this fall, I’ll be shooting better when the real camera is at the office.

The ZORB Mothership

Now that I’ve added a “Zorb” tag, the discredited historical theory of technological determinism states that I need to use it. I begin with the mothership, which deposited all ZORBS on our planet in 1939, the Perisphere:

The pointy thing is the Trylon and of interest only if you’ve got some earwax you can’t quite reach.

As is fitting, it has been memorialized in stamps:

and as salt and pepper shakers: