My Past, Long Gone

St. Nicholas was a tenement converted in the early 1900s to a church. It was, like all NY tenements, a structurally simple building of wood joists and unreinforced brick bearing walls. As it was one of the historic buildings adjacent to the WTC site, it was on my list to review on 9/13/01. I literally couldn’t find it. The south tower wiped it off the map more thoroughly than any demolition team would have.

Also, FWIW, St. Nick is New York’s patron saint.

My Past, Public

The holiday exhibit at the Botanic Garden consists of models of NYC buildings made largely from plant matter standing idly by as model trains rush past. As we wandered around last weekend, I started noticing how many of the buildings were past projects.

An example, the Seventh Regiment Armory* (AKA the Park Avenue Armory). Can you tell the  Botanic version from reality? I thought not…


7th Regiment


*Amusing trivia: the Commodore’s bedroom and living room on Boardwalk Empire are both company rooms at the Seventh.