Little Known and Useless Facts

  • No one really knows what the fuck “the whole nine yards” means.
  • The perception that “boss” is an American word and not an English one probably comes from the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam.
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s clearest statement of his manly, interventionist, manly view of the world was made at the Sorbonne.
  • The man who arguably dominated Irish politics from independence into the 1970s was born in the Bronx.
  • There’s a decorative masonry¬†pattern known as a diaper and architects train for years to say that with a straight face.

3 thoughts on “Little Known and Useless Facts

  1. Gotta quibble- De Valera was born in the “Nursery and Child’s Hospital” on Lex and 51st, which is now the location of the Metropolitan Hotel- there’s a commemorative plaque in the hotel… it’s very nice.

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