The Picture Doesn’t Match

First, Monday’s fog, click to engorge:

Now that you’re in a good mood, let’s discuss assholes. Amazingly, the Supreme Court got this one right (by doing nothing) and NYC’s decision to not allow religious use of public schools has been upheld. Context: there are something like 1100 public school buildings in the city, almost all with auditoriums and (obviously) all with classrooms that can be used as meeting rooms. To the lawyer for the church who got all butthurt that the schools are rented on the weekends for other, secular uses: those uses don’t exclude any kids. When your church uses a school and advertises that fact around the neighborhood, every kid who does not belong to your sect is told that he or she is an outsider in their own school. They are not excluded by Law & Order filming there, or AA having a meeting there.

To put it another way, churches are already given huge (and, IMO, unfair) tax advantages. If you can’t manage to rent a space without public help, maybe your god is a fucking loser.

8 thoughts on “The Picture Doesn’t Match

  1. When these school buildings stand empty on Sunday mornings, it benefits the community to open them up and allow religious groups to meet.”

    ??? this is maybe the dumbest thing i’ve ever read…except for his earlier line about how this ruling infringes on religious freedoms in this country…

    if these god-fearing worshipping are so intent on meeting, why doesn’t one of them open up their living room for services? particularly since they are called the Bronx Household of Faith…i mean, duh!

    even though i live nowhere near the bronx, i for one am tired of christianity being rammed down my throat!

    on a side note, what kind of a church has ‘household’ in its name? in st. paul there is a church/school called Christ’s Household of Faith…everytime their athletic teams play a game, i get the giggles cause i just imagine j.c. heading up the team, making impossible dunks, flagrantly fouling and never getting called on it and the opposing team going, ‘omg…we don’t have a chance against jesus!’

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