Public Safety

By now, everyone has heard the official explanations of the way Zuccotti Park was cleared. The fact that a police helicopter has been hovering over West Street for two days (fucking well visible and audible from my office window) is proof of the level of bullshit we’re dealing with: the cops apparently need air support – in addition to their body armor, trucks, mini-dozers, and garbage trucks – to roust a bunch of hipsters who have a hard time dealing with the line for the McD’s toilet. Mikey B has in some ways been a decent mayor by any standards, but he has a strong authoritarian streak and, let’s face it, he’s the poster child for 1% privilege.

We’ll see what happens. “Protecting public safety” has been used as an excuse for a lot of unsavory violence.

5 thoughts on “Public Safety

      • His handling of the “City Time” $80 million fraud has been abysmal. Unsupervised consultants were billing $300/hour, while Bloomberg was laying of $18,000/year teaching assistants.

        Bloomberg’s not the “last honest man” he portrays himself as.

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