The List, part 2

  • Frederick Winslow Taylor
  • James Buchanan
  • Walter Gropius
  • Fred Silverman
  • All prop comedians
  • And, so that part 2 of the list is not a complete sausage-fest, Sarah Palin.

14 thoughts on “The List, part 2

  1. The thing about Gropius is that he did more than HELP DESTROY ARCHITECTURE – and the buildings he made don't look all that bad to me – and I have a soft spot for what I still insist is the Pan-Am Building – but he managed to run a school that produced a lot of good work and employed a lot of good people. Plus: ALMA!

  2. There's a beautifully vicious passage in Elias Canetti's memoirs about Alma which I cannot be arsed looking up right now on account of fear of derailing the thread.

  3. Tom Wolfe – ON THE LIST!I debated adding him. He meets my criterion #1 perfectly, but I'm unsure as to whether he meets #2. He probably does, but if I get the list entries wrong…the consequences…the living will envy the dead.

  4. Which James Buchanan? The president (1857-1861) or the Nobel laureate (and inventor of public choice theory)?Both pernicious people, but I think James M. Buchanan is a profoundly repulsive person.

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