Search, Party of One

Mommy was late getting home last night. About an hour after she would ordinarily have been here, Mini__B decided to take things into his own hands. He handed me his (incredibly tiny) knapsack, and while I held it open, he loaded it with his favorite cars. He then put on his shoes, put on the knapsack, waved goodbye and went out in the hall to stare at the elevators, willing Mommy to appear.

She did.

Obviously his efforts were responsible.

Possibly Inappropriate, But I Don’t Care

Mini__B, like all kids his age, is a walking petri dish. He sleeps through the night just fine except when he’s got a cold, which seems to be half of the time. So both Mrs__B and I have spent any number of nights with him on his bed.

One recent such night, he woke up first and decided to wake me by kissing me on the cheek, rather than his usual two-fists to the belly. My first thought was this cartoon (click to engorge):

If you’re unfamiliar with Krazy Kat, you have my sympathies and my recommendation that you address that failing immediately.